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US Market Entry Services

Strategic Business Assessment

Preemptive Turnaround/ Corporate Revitalization

Setting Up Operations in  The United States

Four Steps to Profit

Funding for Growth

Four Steps to Profit in the US









Perform Strategic Business Assessment

   Assess company's readiness to enter the U.S.


Develop and implement a customized U.S. market entry plan

   Develop product strategy for localization, pricing, discount levels, marketing programs that maximize customer exposure, and sales channel business models that maximize revenue.

   Implement the plan


Build channel relationships

   Leverage longstanding relationships to introduce products into the market

   Create and foster new channel and key customer relationships

Drive revenue

   Secure key reference accounts

   Establish a "pipeline" and tracking system for new sales opportunities

   Track effectiveness of existing channels

   Provide tools to assist reseller or distributor organization to close large accounts

   Establish strategic partnerships with other manufacturers


Critical Issues Challenging You

The CXO Advisory Group can help you answer the challenging operational, sales and marketing questions, such as:


Are we ready to enter the U.S?


How can we cost effectively enter the U.S. market?


What is the competitive landscape?


How do pricing strategies differ in the U.S.?


What sales strategy would be most effective?


What is the right balance between direct and indirect sales?


Who should we approach for strategic alliances and how do we build these partnerships?


How do we set up an effective marketing, service and support program?

Strategic Business Assessment

Do you have the resources to enter the U.S. successfully? Entering the U.S. market will take a significant amount of corporate resources and you must be sure that the company can handle the strain it will put on current operations.

The first step in the program is to evaluate your product and perform an assessment of the company and its operations. This will give us a good indication of your potential for success in the U.S. market. We begin by performing an internal evaluation of the corporation, interviewing key personnel, reviewing available market research, laying out a schedule of milestones, then interviewing key customers.

At the root of our strategic business assessment is a deep understanding of technology, as well as current and emerging customer needs. Our Strategic assessment may involve determining the best places to allocate corporate resources; identifying shifts in the market and positioning the company for different market scenarios; reviewing the effectiveness of sales channel strategies; assessing a stalled product launch; or develop specific strategic plans to assist business units with new business development, market analysis and improvement in profitability.
Market Entry Plan

Next we will produce a comprehensive market entry plan that will provide you with a road map to introduce, market and distribute your product in the U.S. The Plan will include:


An in-depth assessment of the effort required to finalize your product for production and market introduction


Development of a market introduction plan which will include: Recommended Pricing Structures, Distribution Channel Recommendations, Budgets, Launch Schedules and Timetables, Advertising, P.R. and Trade Show Strategies


Establishment of a target date for the start of sales


Development of a unit sales plan for the first twelve months

Implementing the Plan

Using the accumulated information, market insights and decisions made during first two stages of program, we will assist you in executing the plan.

We are offering you the opportunity to leverage our marketing, technical, channel management and administrative resources. We are looking forward to being your strategic partner in entering the largest market in the world.

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