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Funding for Growth - Venture Catalyst Service

Are you prepared for fund raising and truly dedicated to the challenge? Do you have a business value proposition that will appeal to potential investors? Are there written business plans, financial models, and investor presentations? Have you identified potential investors who look to invest in companies fitting your corporate profile?


Obtaining venture funding is a rigorous, and time consuming process. Today, investors have are more discriminating, selecting only ventures with sustainable revenue models, real competitive advantages, and strong management teams. Youíll only get one shot at each potential investor so donít be ill-prepared.


CXO Advisory Groupís experience, gained from leading and operating rapidly-growing companies, provides an extensive resource of expertise for our clients. We can make immediate and valuable contributions to the development, implementation, or acceleration of financing while allowing management to remain focused on running the business.


We provide an disciplined approach to expediting the capital-raising process. We do this in three phases:

Strategic Business Assessment

Our Strategic Business Assessment Service enables us to spot key funding issues or strategic gaps and identify solutions before you start approaching potential investors. We convert insight gained from this assessment into strategies and tactics that can create impact for our clients. This phase includes:


An Internal Evaluation of the Corporation


Interviewing Key Personnel and Customers


Reviewing Available Market Research, Business Plans and Go-To-Market Strategies


Conduct Industry and Competitive Analysis


Guidance in the expansion or redirection of your business


Identify and approach candidates for strategic alliances

Preparation of Materials

With our industry expertise we can help you define an optimum business value proposition that can be easily understood by potential investors. We help you refine and tune your investor materials including your business plan and investor presentation. Then we:


Coach the Management Team on Presenting the Investor Presentation


Arrange Dress Rehearsals


Collate Feedback & Update the Presentation Materials

Targeting the Potential Investors

Choosing the right venture capital firms is an important part of the fundraising process.


We maintain strong contacts with leading investors at venture capital firms, specialized investment funds, angel investment groups and corporate/industry groups. We can leverage our credibility with these investors to find the right partner in meeting your goals.


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