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Strategic Business Assessment

CXO Advisory Group can help you improve your business, capitalize on opportunities in today’s marketplace, and support your development of innovative customer driven strategies for clients.

bullet Your organization could benefit from a strategic business assessment if:

The company is developing a new business, market opportunity or sales channel,


You need to improve market position and overall performance,


The organization is experiencing major changes in your market place, increased competition, declining revenues or profit,


If the company wants to benchmark its performance against best practices in its industry.

We begin our assessment by performing an internal evaluation of the corporation, interviewing key personnel, reviewing available market research, laying out a schedule of milestones, then interviewing key customers of the corporation. 

Drawing on our expertise in business, technology, pricing, marketing and sales channel management we then help our clients create a winning strategy, identify and prioritize growth enabling opportunities, as well as eliminate bottlenecks that are impeding growth & profitability. 

At the root of our strategic business assessment is a deep understanding of technology, as well as current and emerging customer needs. Our Strategic assessment may involve determining the best places to allocate corporate resources; identifying shifts in the market and positioning the company for different market scenarios; reviewing the effectiveness of sales channel strategies; assessing a stalled product launch; or develop specific strategic plans to assist business units with new business development, market analysis and improvement in profitability.

Our Strategic Business Assessment Service enables you to achieve positive, long-term results for your business. You benefit from our:


In depth understanding of business and consumer issues.


Objectivity and creativity.


Business, sales and technology expertise.


Seasoned consultants with cross industry knowledge.

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