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Stephen Davis has given speeches at some of the nationís leading business and technology forums. His workshops, seminars, and speeches are customized to each groupís unique business situation. Over 800 companies have attended his seminar series on "Launching Software Successfully" and "Software Product Marketing." His most popular topics are:


Launching Software Successfully: Weapons and Tactics to Build a Software Business

Bringing New Products to Market 

Value Added Pricing: Pricing Technology Products

Choosing Your Distribution Channels

Profitably Managing the VAR Channel

Donít Let the Internet Run Over Your Distribution Channels

Strategic Planning Made Simple

The Preemptive Turnaround

10 Common Mistakes High Tech Companies Make

How to Survive and Thrive During an Economic Downturn

Marketing for Maximum Effect on Your Business

Using Trade Shows to Build Business in Your Channels

Achieving Channel Excellence




Launching Software Successfully: 

Weapons and Tactics to Build a Software Business

Ingenuity, determination, technical expertise-thatís what got you where you are today. But itís not enough to prepare you for the variety of challenges youíll face as you launch your new software product, into the microcomputer market place. Some of the challenges will be more difficult to master than others, like determining the appropriate mix of marketing programs and distribution channels to employ. Itís just this kind of specific information that is so hard to come by.

This workshop will show attendees how to use low-cost marketing techniques to produce high volume results that will lower the risk of bringing new products to market. Attendees will get easy-to-use advice, useful tips, "nuts and bolts" information, research and case studies on how existing companies run their business. This workshop is designed to help attendees build a profitable software company.

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Bringing New Products to Market 

Successfully planning and executing the launch of a new product into the retail market requires an integrated marketing approach. This workshop will cover developing a product launch plan, defining its content, developing a company launch checklist, accelerating lead generation, supporting the sales channel, managing the launch, and establishing measurable objectives.

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Value Added Pricing: 

Pricing Technology Products

Determining the price of your product is one of the most critical decisions youíll make in bringing it to market. Youíve looked at all the factors, cost of development, cost of goods but still donít know how to establish a pricing structure that will allow you to penetrate accounts or keep and retain resellers.

In todayís business environment, products and services are increasingly sold on price alone, resulting in a loss of revenue and reduced margins. The only way to rise above the pricing issue is to develop a value-added sales strategy, by finding ways to increase your productís value to the customer.

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Choosing Your Distribution Channels

Once you have selected and developed a unique product, developed your packaging, the selection of your distribution channels and sales representation is key to successful marketing. Distribution decisions have significant implications for marketing plans, product pricing, margins, profits, customer support and sales management practices. Learn to:

  • Identify how products in your category are sold.

  • Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your business.

  • Examine costs of channels and sales force options.

  • How to identify the right channels for you to achieve required

  • market coverage at target levels of profitability.

  • Prioritize your distribution choices.

  • Identify which marketing strategies best support your channel choices.

  • How to monitor and track effectiveness of distribution programs within your channels

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    Profitably Managing the VAR Channel

    Today, one of the greatest opportunities for a manufacturer to increase profitability is to effectively manage their VAR channel. With this seminar, Steve will present the best model for cost-effective VAR channel management.

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    Don’t Let the Internet Run Over Your Distribution Channels

    Many manufacturers who sell directly to customers over the Internet are finding resistance and resentment from the distribution channels that allowed them to thrive in the pre-Internet world. If not properly managed, the conflict can be quite detrimental to the companyís market share and profitability. Channel conflict is a sensitive issue and requires a well-thought out strategy designed to evaluate the relative importance of the Internet, quantify the impact the conflict will have on the companyís sales and profitability, and determine how best to minimize conflict and support sales existing sales channels.

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    Strategic Planning Made Simple

    Strategic planning doesnít have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. This clear, concise seminar will equip you with a step-by-step process to sharply focus your business, marketing and sales efforts.

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